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Roster Size : 3/25

Known Cap Hit : $90,000

General Manager : Maddie Rigsby

Head Coach : Paul Mara


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Roster Size : 4/25

Known Cap Hit : $182,000

General Manager : Nathaniel A. Olivier

Head Coach : Rhea Coad


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Roster Size : 5/25

Known Cap Hit : $500,000

General Manager : Alexis Moed

Head Coach : Colton Orr


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Roster Size : 4/25

Known Cap Hit : $182,500

General Manager : Tori Charron

Head Coach : Venla Hovi


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Roster Size : 11/25

Known Cap Hit : $377,500

General Manager : Chi-Yin Tse

Head Coach : Ronda Engelhardt


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Roster Size : 13/25

Known Cap Hit : $390,000

Head Coach : Peter Smith


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Roster Size : 3/25

Known Cap Hit : $210,000

General Manager : Angela James

Head Coach : Geraldine Heaney


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CapBesties is built on the shoulders of giants with the work of equivalent NHL sites such CapGeek, GeneralFanager and CapFriendly unable to be ignored. Without their groundbreaking work pushing forward contract transparency and access for men’s hockey CapBesties simply would not ever have been even a conversation. 

While CapBesties is simply a contract information site we wish to present the information in a way that celebrates the growing professionalism of women’s sports not just in hockey but across the field as athletes continue to fight and push for livable wages up and down the roster. 

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What are the PHF Bylaws?

The PHF Bylaws are 16 regulations that govern the running of the Premier Hockey Federation as put forth by the league for the 2022-23 season. The document in its entirety can be seen here.

What is a SPC?

The Standard Player’s Contract (SPC) is the standard PHF player contract that acts as the only form of contract for player signings that comply with the bylaws. More information regarding general terms can be found at section 5.7B of the PHF bylaws. 

Is there a deadline to sign players each year?

Free Agents who do not sign contracts by February 10th 2023 will be ineligible to play within the league for the remainder of that season. Players are only eligible to participate in the playoffs if under an approved contract for at least 25% of the regular season subject to exemptions. 

What is the difference between the Salary Cap Upper Limit and Lower Limit?

The Upper Limit is the maximum amount of money that a team can spend on player salaries in accordance with the CBA.. The Upper Limit for the 2022-23 season is $750,000.

The Lower Limit is the minimum amount of money that a team must spend on player salaries in accordance with the CBA, the Lower Limit for the 2022-23 season is $562,500. The Lower Limit is set 25% below the Upper Limit.

What is a Salary Cap Hit?

The salary cap hit is the total amount of salary including any and all bonus payments by a team over the course of a season. 

What happens if a player is injured long-term (LTIR)?

A player on Long Term Injury Reserve’s (LTIR) salary may be deducted from their Team Cap on a weekly basis for the length of their recovery. PHF Teams are able to enter into a SPC with an additional player as long as the team remains below the salary cap upper limit. 

What is a Performance Bonus?

Performance Bonus are bonuses paid to players for participation in the All-Star Game or winning the Isobel Cup and do not impact the PHF Team salary cap, with such bonuses are paid by the League.

What is the PHF Salary Disclosure Policy?

The PHF Salary Disclosure Policy announced on the 22nd of July 2022 and outlined the process through which players can safely disclose their salary without voiding their contracts. Salary disclosure is activated by a mutual agreement between the player and their team. Once the player and team signatures are secured, the contract information may be shared by the player, team, and the PHF.

As part of the salary disclosure policy, a consent form accompanies all standard player agreements for players to sign and was also distributed to all players who had previously signed contracts before the implementation of the policy. The forms consist of options to disclose the length of contract, estimated average annual value of the contract, and signing bonus (if applicable), each at the athlete’s personal discretion.

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